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What is Ghee?


Ghee is a Sanskrit word for a clarified butter used primarily in Indian cuisine. Because the preparation of ghee involves heat, it has a distinctive toasted flavor, often described as nutty. Before the advent of commercial vegetable oils, ghee was widely used for deep frying. Unlike other butter-based products, ghee has a high smoking point and can be stored without refrigeration for weeks. As long as ghee is stored in air-tight containers, it does not spoil easily.

Ghee is:

Light: That rich, creamy look. You would imagine ghee is a heavy fat. It's not. What is ghee, you may ask, dehydrated milk-butter without its solids. To make ghee, technologists heat milk butter on a slow fire. All the water slowly evaporates. What's left of the butter is a clear golden liquid, with the solids settled at the bottom. The liquid is ghee. Bonus: ghee is so flavorful that just a teaspoon will do more than four tablespoons of any other cooking oil.
Lasting: Keep ghee and butter at room temperature. Butter will eventually turn rancid; ghee will not. It's the moisture in butter that promotes decay. Virtually moisture-free, ghee has no such problem. It will retain its original freshness and flavour for months, even without refrigeration.

Energising: Some foods dissolve in water, and some in fat. Ghee in diet will carry fat-soluble foods quickly and easily inside cells. Such foods will reach where they are supposed to reach, to work the way they are supposed to work. Sometimes, it's just packaging that makes the difference.

An Anti-oxidant: Ghee has beta-carotene and vitamin E, both known anti-oxidants that counter the effects of free radicals. Science has been able to establish that free radicals cause nearly 90 percent of all degenerative diseases. Ghee in diet, helps our body to retain good health. The goodness of ghee not only powers cells, but also penetrates the corners of mind. It enhances quicker learning, better recall, wiser decisions. Cow ghee in particular is supposed to be extremely good for brain.

A Healer: Ghee repairs the mucus lining of the stomach and evens out the acid balance in there. An ancient Indian fable says King Akbar the Great once challenged a citizen to eat and digest limestone. The man accepted—and won. His secret was, just before he had the limestone, he downed a huge bowlful of ghee to arm his stomach against the assault.




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