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Ghee can make your voice sound sweet


For some the very thought of ghee may make their mouth water for its taste, but for some others it may sound danger because of its fattening property or its high cholesterol content.

On the contrary ayurveda states that ghee is an essential food for well being and general balanced health. Due it these good properties that ghee possesses, ghee in ancient times was liberally used by our forefathers. It is a great experience to have hot food served in a leaf along with a spoonful of ghee added that is well mixed and taken by us. We should understand that ghee becomes a fattening agent and bad for health only when it is consumed in large quantities and not in moderate quantities. In naturopathy it is stated that regular intake of ghee helps one to improve their voice and also make it sweet. Ghee helps to keep the eye glowing and also sharpens the brain. It gives extraordinary memory power.

Apart from the above good qualities ghee is also very useful to treat mouth and stomach ulcers. It can also cure ailments of nursing mothers for their chest pain, skin sores etc., in addition ghee can even cure injuries caused by fire and sharp weapons. It is said ghee should be consumed along with food only after making it into liquid form and not in its solid state. Similarly butter milk is also considered very good for health.


Thanks to the article Muthusaram,Dina Thanthi




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