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Ghee good for health

Ghee is best suited for improving intelligence, curing insanity, good eyesight, and good voice, those suffering from injury to chest, emaciation, visarpa, tuberculosis and fever. It is best among fatty materials. It is a good coolant thus it possesses one thousand good qualities and does thousand actions when used with proper processing. Ghee is very good for the digestive tract.

Ghee prepared from cow's milk is good for the eyes, sweet, heavy and strength giving. It increases virility copulating power and appetite. It eliminates all the three flaws of phlegm, wind and bile in the body. It also increases the intelligence, capabilities, and radiance.


Medicinal uses

  1. Ghee is used very commonly in our diet. Not only that it is considered so pure but it is even used during worship. It is said that the food is incomplete without the use of ghee. Fresh ghee should be used in food.

  2. In case of a snake bite, 120-220 grams of pure ghee is given to the person and made him to drink to the extent he vomits out all the poison. After 15 minutes, warm water should be given to him as per his requirement so that he vomits it out again. This act can be repeated if required.

  3. Burning of a ghee lamp eliminates the viruses and bacteria in the house

  4. Hiccups are checked if warm ghee prepared from cow's milk is taken.

  5. Ghee prepared from cow's milk, when mixed in cow's milk, cures thirst.

  6. Before going to sleep, if half litres of milk with two spoonful of ghee is taken, it helps in clear evacuation of the bowels in the morning.

  7. If few drops of ghee prepared from cow's milk is dropped in the nostrils then blood coming out from the nose is checked. If this is done twice in a day, then hemi crania is cured.

  8. It neutralizes the intoxicating effects of liquor or "bhang".

Ghee in Ayurvedic medicine

Ghee is a good ayurvedic medicinal product. A lot of people avoid consuming ghee under the mistaken notion that ghee is only a fat and consumption of ghee increases cholesterol. Ayurveda recommends ghee to be included in daily food. Ghee is known as ‘ghrita’ in ayurveda. It is described as ‘the best’ among lipid media due to its medicinal power. Ghee is an outstanding nutritional and therapeutic substance. It is an important medicinal product in the treatment of vata and pita diseases. In Ayurveda, adding other oils and medicines a Medicated Ghee is prepared. This medicated ghee is used for Internal and External purposes. Researches have proved as a consequence of consuming Medicated Ghee as Internal Medicine, not only the vata problem vanished out, but also the cholesterol levels have dropped (i.e., Total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol), Triglycerides and the TC/HDL ratio are down and below the desirable levels). This medicated ghee is used mainly for two external purposes body massage and eye treatment. The benefits of body massage using medicated ghee improves proper blood circulation, skin becomes more soft and shiny, removes dead cells completely, reduces hard stiffness of muscles and increases organs flexibility. The benefits of eye treatment using medicated ghee relieves eye strain often caused by long hours of glaring of computer and TV screens which leads to refractive errors of the eyes, chronic conjunctivitis, and corneal ulcer. This treatment is recommended for dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, poor eye co-ordination, burning sensation in the eyes and also night blindness.




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